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IT Consulting and Computer Programming Services:

Legler Systems provides information technology (IT) consulting, custom application developemnt, computer programming services, software documentation, data processing services and proprietary business accounting software to a broad spectrum of clients in the San Francisco Bay Area in Northern California (CA) and nationwide since 1972. As an independent software vendor, Legler Systems provides customized solutions for business and management issues, including systems analysis, application design and computer programming. A brief history of Legler Systems Company is described in the Legler Systems Background page.

Online Business Accounting Software:

An overview of the Online Business Accounting Software developed by Legler Systems is presented in the highlighted link. This general-purpose online financial accounting software supports multiple end-users on personal computers in a local area network for small and midsize companies, as well as on a standalone basis. Each business accounting application or module or system can be installed separately or integrated with other online financial modules to support a multi-user environment. The online business accounting software is based on the client-server model and is easily customizable to create a unique installation meeting most business requirements. Also, this financial accounting software can be run offline using backup financial data stored on a compact disk (CD-ROM) or a USB flash drive for independent analysis by auditors and management. These business accounting systems support in-house control of confidential financial records and have been in day-to-day use at Legler Systems Company and other small businesses in Northern California for over 25 years.

The 2016 version of the online business accounting software is now available. The Software Update History document describes the major financial accounting software changes in the past few years.

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IBM Series/1 Software and Hardware:

EDX Utility Programs by Legler Systems are designed to aid EDX programming tasks associated with custom application developemnt of computer programs written in the Event Driven Language on the IBM Series/1 mini-computer. Old IBM publications and computer manuals for sale are listed in the "S/1 Equipment" page.
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Legler Systems, an independent management consultant, is located in the East Bay of the San Francisco Bay Area in Northern California and provides local on-site technical support for the online financial accounting software in Contra Costa County (major cities are Concord, Antioch, Walnut Creek, Lafayette and Orinda), Alameda County (major cities are Oakland, Fremont, Hayward and Berkeley) and other counties in California. Free e-mail support is provided throughout the country (USA).
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